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Discontinued emblem original Rear door


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Discontinued emblem original Rear door

 (PLATE, REAR NAME, NO.1) was found on the following models:

MarketDate rangeModelFrames/OptionsFound in diagram
General11/1984-12/1989TOYOTA LAND CRUISERRJ70,LJ70,BJ7*,HJ75,FJ7*75-51: EMBLEM & NAME PLATE
Japan08/1980-07/1987TOYOTA LAND CRUISERBJ6*,FJ6*,HJ6*75-51: EMBLEM & NAME PLATE
Japan08/1987-12/1989TOYOTA LAND CRUISERFJ6*,HJ6*75-51: EMBLEM & NAME PLATE
Europe, General08/1980-07/1987TOYOTA LAND CRUISERBJ60,HJ6*,FJ6*75-51: EMBLEM & NAME PLATE
General08/1987-02/1992TOYOTA LAND CRUISERBJ60,HJ6*,FJ6275-51: EMBLEM & NAME PLATE
Europe08/1987-12/1989TOYOTA LAND CRUISERFJ62,HJ6*75-51: EMBLEM & NAME PLATE

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